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Fun, simple and I like it. I think that before entering battle; I would like to have some choices. For example, allowing me to choose not to use a '4 of a kind' and have two 'full house' instead; almost like customising my battle style. Maybe also offering different ways to add up the dice.

This is fun! Sometimes the dice get stuck vibrating and you can't do anything though

Fun indeed, but same problem for me:


Thanks for the reports. Unfortunately it does seem like this is a thing that can happen and restarting is the only way to fix it. It didn't happen when I was working on it, but I've also seen it happen in the build now. I'm guessing it's a floating point difference maybe? I can't update the game this week (cause of GMTK Jam), but maybe next week I'll put out a patch that fixes it. Fortunately it's relatively rare and I've gotten through a game without it happening. Frustrating when it does happen tho, sorry!