Grow your line to reach the goal in Streamline. The hand-crafted puzzles contain a variety of unique interesting mechanics, and range from easy to fiendishly difficult. These should keep you busy for a while, but if you manage to finish them all, there is also an infinite mode with procedurally-generated puzzles.

Rated 4th for fun and 8th overall in Ludum Dare 34.

Need more? Play the PuzzleScript demake.

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0.0.7 (2016-03-31)

  • Re-order level groups (progress should be kept sensibly)

0.0.6 (2016-03-11)

  • Ported to HTML5 (link above)
  • Better undo UI
  • Improve anti-aliasing on native platforms
  • Setting for sounds
  • Bug fixes

0.0.5 (2016-01-15)

  • Total of 56 levels, segmented into groups
  • Many new mechanics waiting to be discovered
  • Progress is now saved so you can return where you were
  • Some new helpful graphics
  • Tap on blocks for helpful hints
  • Many other small tweaks and bug fixes


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Me and my partner just played this for a while and it's really cool!! We especially liked the sound design :)

Done. I f you'd like to edit the description just say so and I'll make the changes.

awesome game. I'd you'd like I'd love to embed it on my site ozogames dot com. Thank you

We're working on a follow up version of the game called Jetstream, so unfortunately we won't have the time to support that. If you're able to embed the game without our help, and link back to the game, that'll be ok for now. Thanks!

Great. I think this version is great as it is. I'll add it to my puzzle,and indie category and homepage. I am going to embed the html5 version. I'll do it tomorrow. I'll let you know when its done and send you the link :)


awesome, one suggestion i have is to make the swooshing sound when you move a bit quieter/unobtrusive, it gets kinda annoying after you play for a while


fun little mindless game to play in french class, thanks!


nice puzzle game, i like it. have it on my android now.




My favorite puzzle game ever. I love this!!




I really like the simplicity of the game.. The graphics, the sounds, and the times.. :P

And congrats with the Ludum Dare rankings! OUO Awesome job!

The visuals are both appealing and effective, and the sound design is cute too! What I love about the gameplay is that it's easily picked up and learned but gets even more layered and challenging as new elements are added--it's deceptively simple, in the best possible way. Well done!


Smooth, simple, very nice!


Great game! A lot of fun, cool colors and great way to increase difficulty and complexity.

I played 30 levels and then Chrome unloaded the tab, and now I'm sad that I have to do 90 clicks and wait for 30 level start animations to get back to where I was. Can you just make a full level select grid?

Fortunately one already exists! Just select the menu in the top left and then the "leave" option. Sorry it wasn't obvious! :)

Also, you might find that the arrow keys are easier to use than dragging on desktop/laptop ;)


Hi! :D Congrats with your shared 8th place on the Ludum Dare, that's a real achievement. You made a game that's lots of fun and has really cute animation. I'm playing it now for myself but I put it in my top 10 Ludum Dare compilation, here's the video:

Watch the entire video to see previews of all 10 LD overall winners. Your game starts at 2:30. Thanks for making this, I hope you get a lot of coverage.


I really like this game, I think it has a lot of potential for mobile devices. You should get a port to iOS going too. The concept is really cool. Good job!


Thanks for the praise. I'd love to get an iOS port going too. I don't have an OS X device to compile on, but my colleague does and I believe the game works on iOS, the only issue is I'm not sure of a good distribution method for such an early stage. Any suggestions?

Hmmm... Maybe emu4ios? They host applications on their site, I'm pretty sure.


Thanks. We're looking into a general solution we can use. It probably won't be as easy as downloading an APK is for Android, but perhaps we can find something workable. At worst, I'm working on an HTML5 build, which should serve as an intermediate solution :)