As titans harvest the world, a desperate survivor must travel inside them, discover their secrets, and band together with others to save the world, before nothing is left. Enter the Titan is a roguelike deckbuilder with turn-based tactical platforming. Use your wits and deck of cards to move, attack, and perform various actions. Can you overcome the invading titans?

How to Play?

Playing Cards

Drag a card onto a grid cell to play it there. Start dragging to show legal targets. Tap on any card for more info. End your turn when you're done playing cards.

Turn Order

Every turn this happens, in order:

  1. You take your turn playing cards onto the grid.
  2. Enemies do their planned actions (if they still can).
  3. Gravity pulls things down to the ground.

What's <blank>?

Try tapping on it to get more info. You can tap on a card or the grid for more info on what something does. Tap on keywords for more info.

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I wanted to share a bug that I keep encountered. Sometimes, whenever I click on anything in the game, the game just kicks me out of the play session randomly, forcing me to reboot to reboot the game. When I reload the run in progress, some of the card images are missing on the cards in their info screen despite still showing the card art when they are in my hand, deck, etc.

This bug keeps happening since on my current run, it happened to me twice already, and I don't think this is the last time I will encounter, but it might make the game unplayable if I keep getting kicked out randomly like this. I wanted to share that in case a hotfix comes out that I'll have to download the files again from the website in the future.

Edit: When I went back into the game, the bug caused my strength potion to be duplicated 3 times, when I didn't have 3 strength potions when I left the game. For the time being, I might have to put this game on the backburner until the bug is fixed since I don't like being kicked out of the game randomly for things like this to happen.

The issue with graphics not always being visible is a known issue that is unfortunately quite tricky to fix. You can often work around it by playing at a lower resolution or in windowed mode. We hope to fix it in the future, but no ETA on when that might be.

The bug with the Strength Potion duplicating is a more serious bug, and should also be more easy to fix. That for reporting it! We need to look into why it's happening and fix it, hopefully in the next update

Do you have anything to say about the game just kicking me out of the game randomly when I click on anything on the screen, since you didn't talk about that in your reply, unfortunately?

That might be related to the graphics issues, but honestly it's tough to say why that's happening without some debug logs. The same workarounds might also help there 

Is there any way on itch that I can send them to you through a private message or something? The problem is that I don't use itch that much and I don't know if they have some sort of private message system where you can send messages to people to send player logs, etc., and when I checked out my profile, I don't see an option to send player logs to anyone on the website, let alone an option to attach them to a comment.

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You can email them to me at: Or you can upload them on our Discord:


Great mechanics and aesthetics - well done! Thank you for making something so good.


Fun game. Intuitive, but engaging. I had a great time once I got the rhythm of it with movement cards.

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amazing game, love the challenges. 

i have run into a bug of some sort that i was hoping you could figure out... so i have this:

and when i use the shatter on the frozen dude, my game just freezes (ironically). i end up having to reload and if i continue i go back to the previous screen before i shattered


Thanks for the bug report, we'll have to investigate more!


Great game so far!


Very nice! Disappointed that Polar Wind-ing to the second signpost just repeated the same thing the first one said and the door was, in fact, locked in the Abyssal Titan, but getting to that point was a fun and moderately challenging experience.

In the current build Abyssal Titan is a placeholder to strive towards, but we hope to add more content in the near future :)


Such an awesome game. I'm so glad I came across it. I am curious why some enemies still take one damage even if you have the strength boost. Are they just stronger enemies or is there something else going on? Either way, I will be playing this again.

There are a few main ways that enemies can block or reduce damage:

  • Shields: each layer of shield nullifies one instance of damage
  • Iron Skin (X): reduces normal damage by X. Doesn't affect damage from other enemies, poison, freezing, ...
  • Frozen: a frozen enemy doesn't take any damage, but hitting them will remove the Frozen effect.
  • Health Gates: these are choke-points where you can't get past them with 1 action (like a card). Only used on the bosses at the moment

Maybe one of these was reducing the damage? I suspect Iron Skin, it's quite easy to miss...

That makes a lot of sense. I don’t know if I noticed any of those besides the shield. Thank you!


looks quite interesting!


This was such a fun game! Loved the fluidness of the game, the mechanics, and the art style! Can't wait to see more from this game! 

Thank you for playing! Glad you had fun :D


this game is so fun. can't wait to see future updates. but what does darkness do?

Glad you like it! Darkness makes the game harder, and its how you unlock some of the later content. We might revisit how it works in the future 


Absolutely amazing. The rules are simple, intuitive, and engaging. The ambiance and style is wonderful as well. We easily forget we are inside a titan, but when the game is over, we remember the weight of our mission.


You have no idea how long I've been looking for an actual good rougelike strategy game for android, yet now I can say with satisfaction that I shall look no further than this game right here. It's fun and easy to pick up, all whilst making you think and plan out your every turn. And this game only got released a few days ago as of writing this comment! I can't wait to see what lies ahead for this great game in the future.


I wasn't able to run the game (Firefox). After I selected the "Enter..." button, it froze on the "Loading..." screen while playing music. When I pressed Esc to exit fullscreen, the game went black.

Sorry! The downloadable build might work better for you. It might also work without making it fullscreen (although that's obviously not as good, just as a test)

(1 edit)

It seems to happen whether in fullscreen or not. This is the error that occurs:









That's unfortunate! What device are you trying to play the web build on? The downloadable build might work better 


Really charming roguelike deckbuilder. Cool theme + art 😍 Had to drag myself away 😅


Great roguelike! Great deckbuilder! And amazing art too. 5/5


Awesome game!


Very moreish lil deckbuilder. Looking forward to see it grow.